Saturday, March 6, 2010

My First Blog Award! Wow!

Paulo has just given me this beautiful blog award.  My First! 

(Thank you so much Paulo for this great honor)  And thank you, Paulo, for all the SVG files you share with the SB community!  You're awesome.  Check out his site here:

In honor of this award, my job is to list 10 things that make me happy and pass this award to 5 of my favorite friends:
1.  My kids; all four of them!  (3 boys & a girl) (1 still at home) and my 2 granddaughters!
2. Thanking God daily for the blessings that he has given me in my life and trying to walk the life he would have me walk.
3.  Always lending a helping hand to a friend or stranger, trying to be a bright star because you never know what daily challenges they may have.
4.  Reaching out to the community by giving back.  Seeing the growth in something you're apart of; i.e. the La Crescenta Alcohol and Drug Council.  Hoping those you've touched will pay it forward.
5.  Being a friend (2nd mom) to the kids my son associates with, to be a confidante and role model to them.
6. Attending Scrapbooking crops with my friends and sharing pieces of our lives, with love and laughter.
7. Sharing SVG files and inspirational cards and layouts on my blog with my friends (and those friends I haven't met yet) through my blog.
8.  Creating homemade gifts through my machine embroidery and seeing the smiles and sometimes tears of joy it creates warms my heart!
9.  Scrapbooking my family photos and stories and leaving a legacy to my children to pass to their children and seeing the smiles after I've finished a new page.
10.  Spending time with nature hiking, camping, fishing and seeing God's wonders.

And now to pass on to my 5 friends.  Please check out their fabulous blogs:

1.  Angel Meg,
2. Penny Duncan,
3.  Wanda
4.  Susie B
5.  Jeannie Phillips (no relation)  ;.)


  1. Oh Sue I LOVE your response to the award and THANK YOU so much for passing the awesome award to me!!!!! You've made me smile today!!! I hope you are having a very blessed weekend!!!

  2. Congratulations Sue, on your award. You truly deserve it.