Monday, April 13, 2009

Inkskape and SCAL

Spring break and both boys are gone for the week, so looks like I have plenty of play time. Ya-hoo! I'm a proud owner of a Cricut Create and learning so much so soon. I downloaded Inkscape and been playing with it with great success. Next step is SCAL. It's a gotta have and seems so easy to create files. Never mind the Wishblade I had for years and couldn't figure out, couldn't get it loaded, unloaded, working right. Hope to have some of my own free SVG files up soon. So keep coming back. Hope you get a chance to check out the blog candy. Yummy, huh? Post on her site and link to yours and you're entered.


  1. Hi Sue I would so love to get togeather I have been here a yr and have not really made many friends.
    I dont mind driving places either gets me out and I love the adventure
    Im new to the blog thing but I will catch on
    Let me know when you would like to get togeather
    Im leaving my phone number here just in case you get to this blog again

  2. I love your stuff and the blog candy oh my to die for, I would love to win that dont know if im doing this all right let me know ok